Two students have signed up for my online course  that goes live soon.  Both live in Canada.  I’m looking forward to my contact with them!

My hands-on workshop at City Clay in Charlottesville this coming weekend will focus on cylinders, especially lamps.  So this afternoon I need to assemble some sets of lamp parts — a process that will entail shifting things in our storage unit and finding all the bits and pieces.  It makes me realize how simple life will be once we have moved into our house and everything is in one location.  I have had several years now of making pots in one location and firing in another — first my old kilns in Nelson and more recently my new kiln at our soon-to-be-house.  I look forward to working and living where the kiln is, instead of having to plan/provision for a day of glazing and loading or firing.

Here are some photos of my second firing in the new kiln.  It went well!

Front of kiln — almost all the pots were glazed in Shino

Back tier of second firing. The large bottle at the front was made by my friend Becky Garrity during our last clay camp together