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My pots are made to be used — to enhance the rituals of preparing and eating food, to hold flowers, to light a corner for reading. Making functional work connects me to the age-old tradition of artist craftsmen who make beautiful objects for daily use.

I‘ve been potting since 1969, yet after all these years, I still enjoy every aspect of making pottery, especially throwing and firing.  The alchemy of transforming soft clay into finished pots continues to excite and inspire me.

I offer classes and workshops at City Clay in Charlottesville, where I have my current studio.  I also teach at conferences and craft schools.  I had some wonderful teachers when I was first learning to pot, and teaching allows me to pass the favor on.  Drop me a line if you want to know my current teaching schedule.

Glazing workshop at City Clay Plus a great bargain on a kiln for sale

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This coming weekend, I’ll lead a three-day workshop on Glazing and Decorating at City Clay in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Someone just had to drop out, so there is one open space available.  Contact City Clay  for details.

Also, my friend Roger Rood, who makes wonderful pots, has a kiln for sale. I went to see it this week and it’s a fine-looking kiln. He had it built in South Africa and moved it to Virginia. It’s at his former studio in Buckingham, Virginia.

Here are the details:
60 Cu.Ft. Propane-Gas Downdraft Shuttle Kiln (Car Kiln).
Factory (custom) made by Kiln Contracts.
Dimensions approx: 6 ft. 6 in. H x 6 ft. W x 7 ft. 6 in. D
Moveable by forklift on a palette via flatbed truck.
Lightly used for only 18 firings (very good condition).
Fires evenly to Cone 12.
6 inspirating burners.
Fiber module-insulated walls.
Brick trolley-bed, kiln floor, door jamb and chimney.
Insulated double-walled steel and fiber-insulated chimney extension.
Double-hinged, steel-framed and sheet metal clad kiln door.
Steel angle-iron framed kiln with sheet metal cladding.
Steel trolley-track and trolley-bed frame and wheels.
Located in Buckingham Virginia.
Sale includes 5 door bungs and 5 spare bungs.
2 thermocouples, pyrometer and gas regulator.
Silicon carbide shelves (see details below).
Hard-brick shelf props (see details below).
This kiln is top of the line quality and a reliable piece of equipment for the serious studio potter or teaching studio. It is easy to load, and has yielded some amazing results. This kiln has always been kept and fired indoors. I am selling it as I am relocating and am no longer active in the business. To order this kiln new today (alone without shelves or kiln furniture) would cost around $ 15,000 (factory quote from last year).
Sale price: $ 3,000. (Delivery not included). This includes 42 silicon-carbide shelves (23.5″ x 14.5″x 5/8”). and hundreds of shelf props in 8 different sizes. This is a great opportunity for someone setting up a production, or teaching studio.
Contact Roger rogrood@gmail.com for more information and photographs.

Fun workshop this weekend at City Clay

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We had a great weekend together at City Clay.  Everyone stretched into larger and more complex forms.  Steve Palmer, who took these photos, taught me a new way to make platters.  All in all, it was a blast!

Two more weekend workshops to go this summer — a three-day session on glazing and decorating in July and another throwing workshop in August.  Details and signup available on the City Clay Website.

Show this weekend – April 23-24 – In Woodstock, Virginia

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This coming weekend! I am looking forward to showing my pots with my friends Becky Garrity and Kary Haun. Come see our work this weekend in Kary’s Woodstock, VA studio. Come to 402 North Main Street and then follow the signs to the studio access on East North Street. We will be there 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24.

Link to studio and Nelson County pictures

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In response to requests for images of our Nelson County property, I have put the webpage about the studio back online, so people can see photos of the building and kilns.  Here is the link.   The information on that page is out of date in that it invites visitors to come see the showroom, which is no longer open.  Here is what the studio classroom/showroom look like since we converted them into an apartment.



Pottery studio and house for sale in Nelson County, Virginia

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We have decided to sell our Nelson County, Virginia property at 221 Pottery Lane, and I’m trying to spread the word among potters as the sale includes two wonderful car kilns built by Donovan Palmquist of Master Kiln Builders, plus a great setup for teaching and retail sales.  We have consulted with a friend who is a realtor, and who will list the place for us if I can’t find a potter to buy it.  The place is 28 acres (more or less, depending on how the river has moved) almost all of it is a big open field with the Rockfish River as its bottom edge.  There is a great swimming hole and a rookery of great blue herons.  It’s a lovely spot near the Blue Ridge Mountains.
The house is a passive-solar design called an envelope house.  It’s about 2200 square feet and has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, plus living room, kitchen and upstairs office/den.  We built it in 1982.  It’s full of wonderful woodworking — cherry, walnut, mahogany.  We built the studio in 1977.  It has two rooms, plus a bathroom and loft area, and is about 900 square feet.  There’s also a large kiln shed, connected to the studio by a ramp.
There are some nice photos of the house at www.houseonpotterylane.com – a website we put together for our AirBnB and VRBO rental of the place.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them to me at Nan@NanRothwellPottery.com.  

Show tomorrow at City Clay!

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A photo from my friend Steve Palmer of my display shelf at City Clay.  I’ll be there all day, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, taking part in our annual Holiday Show.

Show at City Clay during September

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My friend Steve Palmer, potter and photographer extraordinaire, took some great photos of the show I just put up at City Clay in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The show Simply Functional: Celebrating the Everyday Pot will be up September 8 – October 3, with an opening reception on Friday, September 11 at 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  Here are Steve’s photos from the show:

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Throwing workshop at City Clay

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I’m offering a two-day workshop this coming weekend at City Clay in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The last City Clay workshop was a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to this one.  Details are on the workshops page.

New Studio!

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I’ve moved into a small studio space at City Clay in Charlottesville. I’ve taken up residence in a great little corner room, sharing it with Scott, who generously agreed to my using half of it.  It’s a lot smaller than what I’m used to, but I have access to all the other spaces at City Clay, so can expand as projects require.

I’m also teaching one class a week at City Clay and will be offering a series of workshops there during the spring and summer.  There are details on the Workshop page of this website.   So after a break in the action, I’ve got my hands back in clay.  Feels great!

Showroom closing as of 12/31/2014

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Today is the final day of my studio showroom here in Nelson County, Virginia.  It’s been great to sell pots on an honor system – doors unlocked, cashbox on the table.  I’ve loved potting and teaching in this studio!  Now we’re on to new adventures — living walking distance from the library; teaching in a busy, thriving pottery complex (City Clay in Charlottesville).  Thanks everyone for many years of support for my pottery and teaching studio.  Stay tuned for the new location of my studio – to be announced when I figure out where I’ll next be making and showing pots…