I can’t help but notice that this website has gone dormant recently.  That’s not an accurate reflection of my pottery activity, just of my unwillingness to sit at the computer.  In fact, it’s been a busy spring, with activity on many fronts!  Here’s a quick list:

I’m just back from a week in Mississippi where we filmed an online course in throwing stoneware projects based on cylinders.

There are more photos and details at www.TeachinArt.com.

In addition to that online course, I’ve been teaching regular throwing classes twice a week at City Clay in Charlottesville.  There are several Summer Workshops coming up at City Clay, starting in June.  You can find details on the Workshops Page of this website.  In March I taught a two-day workshop at The Bay School in Mathews, Virginia.  We had a great time together and have scheduled another workshop for July, 2017.  I hope to be back at Round Hill Arts for a workshop on lamps later this summer.

Later this month, my friend Cely Chicure and I will teach at class at John Campbell Folk School.  Our class is geared toward beginners, but since there are two of us, there will be time and space for more advanced projects too.  Teaching an annual class at the Folk School is always a highlight of my year, and this year will be especially fun, as I expect that our son Alan will be joining me there to take a wood-turning class.  One year, both our kids got to come do blacksmithing — turning the week into a mini family reunion.

I’m still making pots too, albeit more slowly, in my studio at City Clay.  It’s been harder to stay on track since I have not had a place to fire them since we sold our place in Nelson County.  But things are moving along well toward our move into a new house in Charlottesville.   Carter is hard at work renovating the house, and my new kiln shed and kiln are in place.  Still need gas and electric lines to the new kiln shed, but I hope to be firing soon.  I’m scheduled to show work at my friend Kay Franz’s studio during the RVA Tour in Richmond in June.  It’s anyone’s guess whether I’ll have fired the new kiln by then, but it’s still a goal…

Here are the new shed and kiln (which does now have a chimney).