This coming weekend, I’ll lead a three-day workshop on Glazing and Decorating at City Clay in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Someone just had to drop out, so there is one open space available.  Contact City Clay  for details.

Also, my friend Roger Rood, who makes wonderful pots, has a kiln for sale. I went to see it this week and it’s a fine-looking kiln. He had it built in South Africa and moved it to Virginia. It’s at his former studio in Buckingham, Virginia.

Here are the details:
60 Cu.Ft. Propane-Gas Downdraft Shuttle Kiln (Car Kiln).
Factory (custom) made by Kiln Contracts.
Dimensions approx: 6 ft. 6 in. H x 6 ft. W x 7 ft. 6 in. D
Moveable by forklift on a palette via flatbed truck.
Lightly used for only 18 firings (very good condition).
Fires evenly to Cone 12.
6 inspirating burners.
Fiber module-insulated walls.
Brick trolley-bed, kiln floor, door jamb and chimney.
Insulated double-walled steel and fiber-insulated chimney extension.
Double-hinged, steel-framed and sheet metal clad kiln door.
Steel angle-iron framed kiln with sheet metal cladding.
Steel trolley-track and trolley-bed frame and wheels.
Located in Buckingham Virginia.
Sale includes 5 door bungs and 5 spare bungs.
2 thermocouples, pyrometer and gas regulator.
Silicon carbide shelves (see details below).
Hard-brick shelf props (see details below).
This kiln is top of the line quality and a reliable piece of equipment for the serious studio potter or teaching studio. It is easy to load, and has yielded some amazing results. This kiln has always been kept and fired indoors. I am selling it as I am relocating and am no longer active in the business. To order this kiln new today (alone without shelves or kiln furniture) would cost around $ 15,000 (factory quote from last year).
Sale price: $ 3,000. (Delivery not included). This includes 42 silicon-carbide shelves (23.5″ x 14.5″x 5/8”). and hundreds of shelf props in 8 different sizes. This is a great opportunity for someone setting up a production, or teaching studio.
Contact Roger for more information and photographs.